Stump Grinding

We offer commercial grade stump grinding starting at 75$ minimum a job. Our big Vermeer stump grinder lets us properly and efficiently handle large stumps that our competitors can’t. We have done hundreds of stumps and are very familiar with water, gas, irrigation lines, how deep they run, and finding and avoiding them etc. Our knowledge and proper stump removal service techniques ensure the stump is dealt with properly so that it will not grow back and also helps us to determine if the runners need to be grinned out or not. This will minimize the amount of work and clean up on the job site which in turn reduces the stump removal cost for the customer. On the other hand, some stumps may need to be completely removed so that concrete slabs may be poured. Stumps may also need to be removed completely for the planting of new trees.

Reasons to Grind your stumps away

  • Bugs and critters love a good tree stump. Roaches, termites, grub worms, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees are just a few pests that make nests in tree stumps. Furthermore,  tree stumps doesn’t need to be dead for them to start moving in. Any opportunity for these pests could cause possible infestations that can ham your healthy trees as well.
  • Our stump grinder is powerful and efficient. This means less time on the job site which translates to saving you money!
  • Stumps and tree roots can cause damage to nearby structures. Often times trees are planted too close to structures, such as houses, driveways, pools etc. This is a problem because, root systems can grow to be very large and, even though they may not be visible from ground level, can damage home foundations, crack sidewalks/driveways, damage pools, etc. Once damage has occurred, it is necessary to remove the tree and grind the stump to prevent further damage. As a preventative measure, customers may remove certain trees and their stump/root systems before damage ever occurs.
  • Our grinder reaches grinding depths that common smaller grinders will not. This decreases the chance of missing or leaving remaining roots behind.
  • Stumps create safety hazards. Stumps may be the cause of falls/injury for children playing or those making their way through your yard.
  • Our grinder fits through standard 36 inch gates. This allows for greater accessibility to backyard areas.
  • Stump grinding creates free tree mulch! The large teeth of our machine creates mulch, certainly excellent for fertilizing your garden and landscaping.