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Corpus Christi


CC Tree Service would like to announce that we have currently opened a new Landscaping and Lawn
Care division and will be offering a variety of new services! Don’t let your landscaping go undone, instead be the envy of the whole street.

As always we provide free estimates, and our bids are backed by our promise of complete customer satisfaction. We aim to serve all lawn and landscaping service needs in Corpus Christi and the surrounding coastal bend area.

With our skilled
technicians we are able to provide professional landscape design and installations ranging from small
residential flower beds to huge commercial remodels. We are able to provide scheduled landscape and
lawn care to you in order to maintain all aspects of your ever-changing recreational outdoor space.
Some of the services we provide include weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing, weed-eating, edging, bush
and shrub trimming, and clean up. Seasonal spring planting and fall removals are also provided to keep
your landscapes looking lively during the changing climates.

We believe that constant upkeep and
cycling of plants for the upcoming seasons is a crucial part of keeping your landscapes thriving. As the
seasons change the wildlife that inhabits your landscapes will also change and we believe it is very
important to accommodate the natural cycle. Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend area lies directly
along the path of many migratory birds and insect, such as the Blue Swallowtail and Monarch

Planning when planting

By planning and planting beneficial plant species we are able to help you better enjoy these
beautiful creatures along their journey north. Unfortunately, not all insects are beneficial, and for those
pests we provide full property and turf insecticide treatments in order to help eliminate and prevent the
costly damage they can cause to your lawn and home. Following insects in lawn damage costs are
weeds, and we treat those too!

We provide single and multi-step weed killer and herbicide application
services as well as pre-emergent application to keep that thick green turf free of weeds year-round. Here at CC Tree Service our services
also include seasonal leaf cleanup and removal, as well as brush removal.

City living comes with a few
set-backs if you don’t possess the ability to deliver your trash to the dump or just don’t have the time.
Our professionals can help you there too, we provide debris removal, trash removal, and haul offs in order to keep
your curb-side and residential property up to code and looking nice during those long stretches between
city pick-ups.

We provide gutter cleanings and other miscellaneous services as well, so if you need it
done just let us know!! For any pool cleaning and routine maintenance, we also have a friendly
professional we recommend. As an insured professional landscape and lawncare company, satisfaction
is always guaranteed no matter what the job.

A list of all our services is below:
Grass Fertilization
residential and commercial lawn maintenance
Weed treatment for prevention and removal
Weed pulling
lawn mowing
edgingfall leaf cleanup
leaf removal
lawn aeration

landscape installation and removal

landscape maintenance

landscaping quotes
landscape design

tree trimming
tree removal
stump grinding, stump removal
gutter cleanings
irrigation installation and maintenance
brush removal, debris removal and haul off
junk and trash haul offs

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