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CC Tree Service Corpus Christi has been a landscaping and tree trimming company in the coastal bend for nearly a decade. We offer many different arbor and outdoor contractor services including all of the tree services you see listed on our website.

Whenever we first started out, we only had a few pieces of equipment, a could hired hands, and a big vision of how we wanted to serve the Coastal Bend and Corpus Christi area for years to come. to this day, we still work with some of the original staff that was helping us serve CC residents back in the beginning.

Tree Service in Corpus Christi has great ratings on Google and Social Media. we currently have nearly 5 stars for our residential service, as voted by the people of Corpus Christi, including our customers.

We know how to serve our clients so that they feel important, and make sure that we show up on time and stay on budget.

There’s nothing worse than hiring someone to compete a job and then they go over budget.

We make sure to set expectations right from the beginning, to ensure that you are satisfied with the work that we complete for you is completed and entirely approved of by the owner of the residence.

WE serve all kinds of real estate property in Corpus Christi, not just residential. We also do commercial tree service and large lots for real estate investment firms as well.

Whenever you call on CC Tree Service Corpus Christi, you can rest assured that you are going to see the best of the best, and be very satisfied with the landscaping that we do for your property. We have a safe, professional staff and the best equipment needed to trim your shrubs and cut your trees.

We know our stuff.

We worry about maintaining the trees to you don’t have to. We want you to be focused on what you love; your family, your job, your life. Let us take care of the rest!

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