5 Trees That Provide The Best Shade

5 Trees That Provide The Best Shade

Have you ever cooked an egg on a sidewalk? With the blistering Texas heat, you probably could. Shade Trees can help you cool down your landscape.

There’s nothing better than laying under a large shade tree to escape the heat of the sun. Don’t have any large shade trees in your yard? Why not plant a few? These trees will not only add beauty to your home, they’ll keep you and your family cool all summer long.

We’re here to show you the five best shade trees for your yard.

5 Trees That Provide The Best Shade

1. Live Oak

Looking for a tree that will give your home added beauty?

You should invest in planting an expansive Live Oak tree. This spectacular tree is usually swathed in Spanish moss. It is a picturesque tree that is a true staple of the south.

These trees are known to grow up to 40 feet tall and 75 feet wide. Live Oaks are one of the more popular evergreen trees in the state, this tree will provide shade for many years.

2. Shumard Red Oak

If you’re looking for lovely color changing leaves in the fall, this is one of the best shade trees for your home.

The Shumard Red Oak tree has magnificent dark green leaves that turn red in the fall. The thick branches produce a large canopy that will cover any large yard. These oaks are known to grow up to 120 feet high!

3. Cedar Elm

The Cedar elm is a lovely, sturdy shade tree perfect for those looking for minimal upkeep. Not only is the Cedar elm a gorgeous tree to provide nice shade, it is very hardy. Expect this tree to thrive regardless of drought or overly-wet conditions. 

5 Trees That Provide The Best Shade

4. Pecan Tree

Want to add the state tree to your yard? Adding a pecan tree to your yard will not only provide you shade but pecans!

A pecan tree will grow up to 60 feet tall and at least 50 feet wide. This grand stature will create the perfect shade to add to your yard. This type of shade tree will grow at least one foot to two feet annually.

5. Chinese Pistache

Don’t let these smaller trees fool you. They are one of the best shade trees to plant on your property.

While the Chinese Pistache is not native to Texas, but still grows wonderfully among the elements.

The leaves of the tree are very ornate and turn a wonderful bright orange in the fall. They will grow up to 50 feet tall and wide, providing you the perfect amount of shade if you have a smaller yard.

Plant the Best Shade Trees for Your Yard

Regardless of your yard size, there are plenty of shade tree options.

Whether you’re looking for something that will give your yard a southern charm feel, or a smaller non-native tree, you’ll find something perfect for providing shade.

If you are looking to plant or maintain new trees on your property, you should always consult a professional who will be able to help you with all your tree needs.