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Affordable Tree Service in Corpus Christi

Tree Service in Corpus Christi

When it comes to tree service, our company has the desire and strong work ethic to get the job done right the first time. We can raise a tree canopy, thin out heavy brush, and/or remove the trees on your property with ease, regardless of the size or type of tree(s) you have. 

Keep in mind that you can reduce your tree service expenses and avoid a large, one-time tree trimming cost by regularly trimming trees on your property. Regularly trimming your trees will prevent them from becoming overgrown and out of control. (Not to mention how much your neighbors will appreciate you for keeping up with a well-maintained lawn and landscape!)

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Advantages of Regular Tree Service Maintenance

There are more advantages of maintaining regular tree service on your property than just keeping the neighbors in your favor. Sticking to a regular tree service maintenance routine can help your property in the following ways:

Reduced Risk of Wind Damage 

Thinning out your trees permits air to flow through. This drastically reduces the risk of tree and property damage in the event of high South Texas winds.

Reduced Leaf Cleanup

When your trees are trimmed and thinned out, they produce less foliage. Your aching back will appreciate a reduced number of bagged leaves as well as a reduction in the number of times these leaves need to be removed each year!

Palm Tree Trimming

This subject deserves its own paragraph! Many people are unaware that without regular palm tree trimming, your palm trees (just like tree stumps), provide the perfect home for bugs and critters. From bats and ants to rats and roaches, a palm tree with dead palm fronds hanging from it provides no better home for pests on your property. If you want to keep your precious palms as pest-free as possible, we recommend trimming them once or twice per year.

Increased Lawn Health

Keeping your lawn cleared of excess leaves is extremely beneficial for its health. When your yard begins to build up excess amounts of leaves/debris, the grass is deprived of essential sunlight, water, and nutrients that help keep it looking healthy.

Prevent Roof and Vehicle Damage

Trimming your trees and “raising the canopy” is not only appealing to the eye, but necessary to keep branches away and off the roof. Another added benefit is preventing damage to vehicles in your driveway and on the road during a heavy wind-damaging event.

Increased Curb Appeal

Aesthetically, maintaining your trees will create a stronger curb appeal. Looks aren’t only about the neighbors; a strong curb appeal can increase your property value! 

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