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In need of Corpus Christi Tree Trimming? CC Tree Service has got you covered! Our team of professional arborists has over 15 years experience trimming trees in Corpus Christi. We know everything there is to know about our local soil types, our native trees, and our unpredictable weather patterns. 

If you need help in Corpus Christi tree trimming, landscaping, removing trees, or with any other project on your property, give us a call! We’ll give you a free estimate on any project. 

Why Trim Trees?

Often, people have the misconception that tree trimming is only done to keep your yard looking pretty. And while regular tree maintenance does keep your yard  looking pretty, it’s far from the only reason to trim your trees!

There are actually some very important reasons to trim your trees that relate to the health and safety of your property and those who occupy it.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s important to have your trees maintained by a seasoned professional.

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Ward Off Pests & Diseases

It is disheartening to watch a beautiful tree succumb to the stressors of pests and diseases. However, it happens more quickly than you’d think. When trees are left untrimmed, older leaves and branches remain in the canopy and build up over time. These untrimmed branches block airflow and sunlight, and these areas hold onto moisture more than they should.

These types of conditions are perfect to introduce rot to an otherwise healthy tree. With the lack of airflow and excess moisture, leaves and branches can decay at a rapid pace. Not only does this leave the tree vulnerable to disease, but it creates a habitat that pests love. From rats to roaches and bats to snakes, we have found all kinds of sneaky pests living in unmanaged tree canopies. 

A professional arborist will assess your trees and their branches, and make expert decisions on where the tree needs trimming to maintain optimal airflow conditions throughout the canopy. Maintaining this service regularly will ensure that your trees live healthy, pest & disease-free lives.

Reduce Storm Damage

Corpus Christi tree trimming is significantly more important than in some other areas because of our unpredictable weather patterns. If you’ve been in Corpus for long, you know it doesn’t need to be hurricane season for the winds to be howling. 

Without the proper knowledge and experience, it can be difficult to assess the weak points of your trees. Older trees and especially tall trees need to be managed routinely to prevent mishaps from falling branches and debris. Our team knows how to identify weak points in your trees’ canopies and remove them. 

Working with a professional to keep your trees regularly maintained will give you the best likelihood of your property and those on it staying safe and intact during Corpus Christi’s temperamental weather seasons. 

Encourage Growth

Trees that are trimmed improperly don’t often grow in ways that are aesthetically pleasing, or conducive to long-term tree health. Like we mentioned above, trees left to their own devices will form thick canopies that leave little room for light and air to flow through. 

With the proper Corpus Christi tree trimming, your trees will be freed from the focus on old, stagnant growth. Instead, they will grow to be sturdy and attractive. Partnering with an arborist for your tree maintenance will ensure healthy growth for your trees in the long term.

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For over 15 years, we have enjoyed keeping the trees of Corpus Christi healthy and happy. From Calallen to Padre Island, we’ve gained customers and friends in every corner of the Coastal Bend. 

Our professional arborists take pride in the properties we maintain, and we would love to see how we can help yours. Contact us for any job, big or small — our estimates are always free!

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