Emergency Tree Removal

emergency tree removal

Emergency Tree Removal Services

There are many situations that could call for an emergency tree removal or tree trimming. This could be after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or heavy wind storm. This could also be after lightning or another uncontrollable element causes a tree to break and/or topple over onto a home or nearby structures.

Safety Is Always the Priority

One thing that CC Tree service takes very seriously is the well-being and safety of others, especially our customers. If we cannot keep the property owners and anyone nearby safe during our work, we have failed. Tree service and tree removal can be very dangerous, so we make sure to take all matters seriously, and use all safety equipment necessary on the job.

One of the many things that can happen during a tree removal or tree trimming job is to have a tree branch of any size fall onto either a building, car, or nearby structure. This can cause thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in damage. We strive to make sure that this kind of thing never happens on any of our job sites.

Insured for Accidents

However, in the case that an incident were to happen like this on one of our job sites during an emergency tree removal project, we have the proper insurance to protect all parties from any legal or monetary ramifications. Our insurance is specific for our trade, and will protect everyone involved if anything were to happen.

On the other side of things, we are also certified arborists and have taken the proper measures to ensure that we are the best, most reliable, and most professional at what we do here in Corpus Christi TX.

Call the Experts

For over a decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of residents all throughout Corpus Christi, and we’ve always had great feedback about the way that we take care of our customer’s property. We treat your property like it’s our own! We want to leave your yard and landscaping better than how we found it, and we want to make sure that your home and yard are great places for your family in to enjoy.

Emergency tree removal and emergency tree trimming and paramount after big storms, and this is something that CC Tree Service specializes in. Be sure to call us for a free estimate on this service and many others.

We want to be Corpus Christi’s best tree service company!


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