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Benefits of Mulching

The benefits of mulching extend well past simply making your garden beds look better. Mulching is actually a wonderful strategy to help your soil, your plants, and your trees to stay healthy and nourished throughout their lives. 

Mulch protects your trees and landscape in several ways. First, mulch protects your soil from rain, wind, and other weather issues that can compact and erode your soil. By mulching, your soil and all of its nutrients stay put. During the summer heat, mulch helps the soil to stay cool and hold on to every drop of water it can. Additionally, as the mulch breaks down over time it releases organic material that further benefits the nutrient composition of your soil. And lastly, mulch helps prevent weed germination by blocking out the sunlight! With a proper mulch covering, you can spend much less time picking pesky weeds from your garden beds. 

Whether spreading mulch in flower beds or around tree trunks, apply liberally. However, avoid the pile-up of mulch against the trunks of trees and base of plants, as this excess moisture retention leads to rot. Depending on mulch material and budget, you will want to spread 2-6 inches of mulch. Heftier layers should be applied when dealing with thicker mulches or mulching around trees and plants/shrubs. However, thinner layers should always cover vegetable and flower beds to prevent mulch from piling directly against vegetation.

Use our mulch calculator below to determine how much mulch you need for your project!

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