Palm Tree Removal in Corpus Christi

Palm trees can be one of the hardest types of trees to remove. We have hundreds of thousands of palm trees in the Coastal Bend area, and many of them are on residential properties where they get in the way of residential development.

Whether you’re a property owner, land developer, or commercial real estate investor, there may come a time when you need a palm tree removed from the property. That’s where CC Tree Service can come to the rescue!

We can remove palm trees, along with any other type of foliage, within 72 hours of bidding on the job. We have all of the equipment necessary for palm tree removal, stump grinding, cutting and hauling, and more. We never miss an opportunity to help out a property owner and get an unwanted tree off of their property!

As far as pricing goes, there are many different factors that can play into how much the palm tree removal will cost, whether for residential property owners, or commercial businesses. We always strive to provide accurate estimates and bids up front to our clients! We can even give you a bid on other landscaping projects around your property while we are on the job site!

One thing that should be noted, is that you should always contact the city if you have a palm tree that is too close to any power lines or your actual home or building. The city is usually able to remove the palm tree and/or prune and perform tree trimming so that you and your neighbors can be safe. If your palm tree is posed in a position that could potentially be harmful to your, your family or others, please be sure to get it taken care of promptly!

Our tree service company can come to your location and take care of things usually within the same week that we make first contact, so call us as soon as the problem arises!

Let’s talk about some of the factors that come into play when looking at palm tree removal costs.

Palm Tree Size & Height – the bigger the tree is, especially if it’s a palm tree, the more the tree care company will have to charge.

The Health and Condition of the Palm Tree – if the is weak, has not been maintained well in the past, or other issues, this could cause the cost to rise as well.

Safety Hazards – if there is a safety issue with the palm tree, such as the tree being too close to a home or power line, this could cause your bid to be quite higher.

Location – CC Tree Service works in the Coastal Bend Area. However, the farther the distance from our location to your job site, the more we may have to charge to cover certain travel expenses such as gas, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our palm tree removal service here in Corpus Christi!