Choosing A Corpus Christi Tree Service Company

Choosing A Corpus Christi Tree Service Company

In Corpus Christi, there are only a few quality landscaping contractors and tree service providers. Of course, we’d like to think that CC Trees is one of the best, but we may be a bit biased!

However, there is definitely something to say about the quality of the landscaping company that you use. Also, the consistency and professionalism of any tree service company you hire.

Whenever you’re picking out a tree care company, here are a few items to look for:

1. Are they insured?

Does the tree trimming business have the proper liability insurance necessary for the industry that they are in? What would happen if they were to mess up on the job and damage either your property, their own property or even a staff member or resident? Would their insurance cover the damage and/or would you be effected?

These are all things to take into consideration when choose a tree cutting company based on their professionalism and credentials.

2. Is the owner someone you can trust?

While it’s important to check on things like insurance, BBB rating, Chamber involvement and the like, it’s also just as important to trust your gut when it comes down to who to hire. Is the owner of the tree company someone that seems to hold their word in high regard? Have they done anything to make you think otherwise? Are they being shady and sporadic with their pricing or the way they go about scheduling a job?

Make sure the owner is someone you can trust, and someone who has similar values to you!

3. Do they have adequate equipment, and all of the necessary safety gear?

Safety is a huge part of tree service. We are dealing with large and powerful machinery, and large and massive objects, such as the trees we may be removing or cutting down. Trust us when we say, “you’re only as good as your equipment is safe.”

It doesn’t matter how fast you work, or how pretty it looks, if you end up injured or worse at the end of the day. You need to take proper safety precautions and make sure you’re working with equipment that can handle the job. And not only from the standpoint of effectiveness, but also safety.

At CC Trees, we make sure that all of our gear and heavy duty equipment is grade-A quality, and won’t let us down when we’re right in the middle of a large job or cutting down a huge tree on your property.

4. How do they go about billing, payments and other business practices?

When it comes time to make your tree service payment, how are they asking for your money? Are they asking for cash only? Do that have someone dedicated to invoicing you for the services you requested? Are they itemizing all of the charges that end up on your bill?

These are very important things to take into consideration. If an arborist company isn’t handling their business professionally, there’s a good chance they didn’t do the actual job in a professional manner either. There’s even more of a chance that their other business practices aren’t up to par as well.

Find a landscaping contractor that you can trust, who has their business in order, and takes care of their customers to the highest degree!

5. How is their marketing?

This one may seems a little “out there,” but trust me, this is a great way to gauge how well a tree trimming company is being run!

Do you see advertisements of the company you’re looking to hire? What about their logo on the company trucks they take to job sites? Do they have company trucks? Are they on social media, or do they even have a website?

All of these things are small pieces of the puzzle that you want to look at to make sure they foliage company you’re working with is legitimate. Too many contractors out there try to deceive the public into thinking they are a successful and proper tree care business, yet they don’t even have a website, Facebook page or even business card!

Try to find a company, and a company owner, that takes their work seriously and is constantly trying to improve their brand and business.

If they are showing excellence with the way they run their company, they will show excellence in the way they take care of your tree service!

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