Signs That You Need CC Tree Service

CC Tree ServiceWhy You Need CC Tree Service

CC Tree Service has been serving the Coastal Bend for over 15 years. Our professional arborists are experienced, skilled, and always put safety first. 


Many people enjoy landscaping their yards at home. Even if you don’t have lavish flower beds, most of us have a few trees on our property. Whether those trees are for shade, privacy, or simply decoration, they require regular maintenance.

Ideally, trees need trimming at least once a year. Depending on the species, your trees may need trimming every six months. However, keeping up with your tree maintenance may not be the right job for you. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could end up trimming the tree incorrectly and harming its growth. Even worse, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could injure yourself or others; tree trimming can be dangerous!

If you’re unsure about tree trimming schedules, how to properly trim trees, or tree trimming safety, give CC Tree Service a call. We are experts in tree care and service, and we know how to get the job done correctly and safely.

4 Reasons That You Need CC Tree Service

There are many situations that require a professional tree service, such as CC Trees. The list below is not exhaustive, but it does cover the majority of our standard calls.

Long Branches

If the branches on your trees have simply gotten too long, it’s probably time for a good trimming. Signs your tree branches are ready to trim include low-hanging branches that impede walkways or driveways. Additionally, overgrown branches can reach to scratch your property or vehicles, and even tangle with electrical wires. Don’t let these branches remain untrimmed! Call CC Tree Service before overgrown branches damage your property.

Dead Branches

If your trees are filled with dead and decaying branches, it’s vitally important to have them trimmed. Leaving dead branches on a tree is a great way to harbor fungus and disease. These problems can quickly spread to other plants and cause sickness throughout your whole property. Additionally, insects and other pests love to live and feast inside of dead branches. This can quickly turn into an infestation. Which, again, can easily spread to the rest of your trees, shrubs, and even potted plants.

No Sunlight Shines Though the Branches

While trees are lovely for providing shade through our hot Texas summers, you should be able to still see sunlight through your trees’ canopies when you look up. If the tree’s canopy is so thick that you cannot see dappled light through it, it’s time for a trim! Trees that are overgrown like this do not leave enough space for airflow in between leaves and branches, and this can harbor moisture and disease.


The top reason that we recommend calling CC Tree Service is to keep yourself, your family, and anyone else who may be on your property safe. Trimming trees can be a dangerous process. Many tree trimming jobs require the use of special equipment, which can be very dangerous if not used properly. Further, falling limbs and debris not handled correctly can pose a serious threat to anyone present.

Signs that You Need CC Tree Service — A Final Word

If you still need another sign to call us, this is it! Call us today for a free quote on your tree trimming, removal, or landscape project. We guarantee to stay on time, on budget, and keep you and yours safe while we do it.