Southern tree care

…is what we’re all about at CC Tree Service. We’ve lived in the south our entire lives as a staff and as a company, and we know exactly how to take care of the foliage and tree species that grow here in the south.

From tree trimming and pruning, to complete tree removals, we know what it takes to run a quality southern tree care company.

We’ve been in business for many years, and have decades of working experience between our staff members and crews. Whenever you need a tree to be trimmed, or a stump grinding job to be taken care of, please give us a call and we can give you a free quote on the project you are needing done.

One of the first things that we’ll look at whenever we come to your location to give you a free quote on tree service is the size and cope of the actual work. Most southern tree care businesses will simply charge you a flat rate for each type of job, be we price in a very fair way. We make sure that we take into account the size of the trees that are needing service, and we won’t charge you more than was is needed to get the job done for that particular tree.

We’ve been in business for a while, and we know exactly how to handle any sized job, from stump removal to tree cutting in Corpus Christi.

Another thing that we’ll check whenever we’re on the job is the overall safety of the landscape of the property. Our primary job is to get the job done that the customer is wanting. But in addition to that, we need to also make sure that we’re creating and keeping a safe environment for anyone who lives on the property. This means that it’s our duty to stop and handle any unsafe landscaping issues that we see including tree branches that are at risk for falling, etc. This could also be tree limbs that are extending over lot lines, shrubs that are blocking public signage, trees that appear to be falling over or at risk for falling on a nearby structure or home, and anything else that appears potentially hazardous to residents.

Please call us today for a free quote on any southern tree care job that you may need done! We are professional, on time, and always on budget!

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