Stump Grinder To Hire

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Why Stump Grinding Matters

stump grinder to hire - CC Tree Service

Stumps in your yard can be a pain in the you-know-what. Not only are they unsightly, but they can pose issues for you and your family. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider grinding down your own pesky stumps.

Trees Can Grow Back

If you’ve got a tree stump in your yard from a tree you decided you didn’t want, it’s time to get grinding. You see, a lot of trees are really good at growing. Even if they’ve been cut down, it’s not uncommon for trees to regrow from the stump. In fact, more than one tree could grow back from the stump if it’s left in the ground.

Don’t let the money and time spent getting that tree down go to waste only to let two more grow in its place. Find a stump grinder to hire and have that stump ground down to the roots so you’re sure it won’t be back.

They’re a Bug Paradise

If your tree stump doesn’t grow more trees, it’s probably just rotting. And you know who loves moist, rotting holes in the ground? Bugs! A tree stump left to rot in the ground can become a paradise for bugs and insects. These won’t necessarily stay in their new digs, either. A stump infestation can move its way into your home, garage, or even vehicles if not taken care of effectively.

It’s an Obstacle

Trying to keep your lawn looking nice can be hard enough without pesky stumps in the way. These can make it hard to mow and trim your yard. But past keeping up aesthetics, these stumps can be an obstacle for you and your family. Stumps are a great trip hazard, especially if the area around them becomes overgrown.

They’re Just Ugly

But really, stumps left in your yard are just ugly! Even if none of the other hazards about stumps were true, you wouldn’t want to put time and money into your lawn to leave it marred by stumps.

DIY vs Stump Grinder To Hire

Now that we’ve talked about why you should grind your stumps, let’s talk about the ins and outs of stump grinding itself. If you’re a lawn champion, you may be interested in tackling stump grinding by yourself. And we say – more power to you!

Keep in mind however that DIY stump removal will require several tools and some chemicals, as well. That is, unless you’re removing a very small stump. But even then, digging out even the smallest of stumps is a task much bigger than it looks. For larger stumps, you’ll have to drill holes, add chemicals, wait some months, and then possibly still have to start a large fire to get that sucker gone.

On the flip side, if you call a stump grinder to hire, like CC Tree Service, your stumps will get taken care of within a day, with no hassle on your part.

When in Doubt, Go With the Pros

Stump grinding on your own can be back-breaking work, take months to achieve, and be quite dangerous — and you still may not successfully get that stump gone. If you’re ready to get the stumps in your yard gone for good, give us a call for a free estimate. CC Tree Service prides itself on being locally owned and operated in the Coastal Bend & offering prompt and professional service.5