Stump Grinding for Good

Stump Grinding in Corpus Christi

In the Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend area, CC Tree Service is the number one stump grinding company around. If you need a stump removal near me, we’ve got you covered. With our team of professionals, we are capable of bringing you the satisfaction of paying less — no matter the job size.

Stump grinding in Corpus Christi

Our professionals specialize in stump grinding and stump removals which is important for the proper reestablishment of your landscape biosphere.

Stump grinding provides nutrients that are released from the decomposition of the wood and roots of the dying tree. Returning the carbon-based nutrients to the surrounding environment by grinding the stump is vitally important in accelerating decomposition. This is especially true of the stump and roots that are much further in the ground. The deeper the roots and trunk are in the ground the more it could hinder the growth of other plants.

Grinding Hard

By grinding or removing the stump, people are able to create the availability of a nutrient-rich space to plant a new tree in. This will provide more growth over a much shorter period of time. The decomposition of dead wood becomes accelerated due to the increased surface area of the wood after grinding the stump into mulch. Grinding the wood down into smaller pieces allows water is able to penetrate its volume faster. The water-saturated wood creates a breeding ground for decomposers like mushrooms, microbes, and beneficial bacteria. Over time, these decomposers break down the carbon structures of the wood and return it to the soil.

This process is beneficial to the soil which in turn provides widespread benefits for the rest of your lawn. The benefits are much like using mulch and compost in your landscapes. The necessity of removing a tree could come from the need to prepare for a storm, infection from diseases, or simply just to get a little more sun. After the removal, the next big question is what to do with the stump. Our teams can level out the ground and remove the debris for any future planting.

Stump Removal Near Me With CC Tree Service

Here at CC Tree Service, our team is full of hobby botanists and plant lovers. Although we hate to see them go, sometimes it’s what’s best. As the leading stump grinding company, we are able to grind stumps much deeper than our competitors and take on stump removal jobs that are much larger. This capability is due to our state-of-the-art commercial-sized stump grinder.

Here at CC Tree Service, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of work with the single goal of complete customer satisfaction in mind. One of the most important points of service that sets us apart from our competitors is our level of professionalism and cleanliness at the job site.

We’ve put the time and dedication over the last twelve years into securing and establishing wonderful relationships with our customers and have always aimed to satisfy their every tree trimming, stump grinding, and stump removal need. Contact us for a free estimate on your stump grinding and tree trimming needs!