Stump Grinding In The Coastal Bend

CC Tree Service has been servicing the Coastal Bend area for nearly a decade. Whether you need tree stump grinding near me, tree trimming, palm tree removal, or any other landscaping services, our seasoned and time-tested company can help you out.

Stump Grinding

While it’s possible to remove a stump at home by yourself, we don’t recommend it. DIY stump removal is a tedious, often dangerous task to take on. It involves mixing chemicals, drilling holes, and operating a chainsaw. Most people don’t have these materials on hand. Further, most folks aren’t prepared to achieve at-home stump removal safely.

If the thought of DIY stump grinding makes you nervous, you’re not alone! Many homeowners feel unprepared to deal with pesky stumps. Luckily, CC Tree Service has many years experience grinding stumps. We’ll make sure the job gets done correctly and safely.

Stump Grinding can be one of the most useful plays in a landscaper’s playbook. If you’ve had a stump in your yard for years that has hindered your ability to landscape and enjoy your yard, then let us take care of it for you. We have the largest commercial stump grinder in the entire Coastal Bend. No other tree service company in the area has a stump grinder as powerful as ours!

Stump Grinding In The Coastal Bend

How Stump Grinding Works

Within a matter of an hour or so (depending on the size of the actual tree stump) we can get the stump ground down to 6 inches below ground level, and out of site. Then, we can cover up the location with fresh soil and grass sod. By the time we’re done, will would never be able to know that a tree or tree stump had previously been there!

Stump Removal Safety

On another note, it’s very important to keep your landscaping and your property in general safe for everyone. If you have a family with kids running around the yard, it’s important to have a tree service company that can keep everything safe.

When we come to your property for stump grinding services in Corpus Christi, we’re not going to leave until the tree and stump are completely out of sight, and everything is safe for you and your family to enjoy. This is the most important part of landscaping, tree service and stump removal to us – keeping the family safe.

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