Stump Removal

How To Remove Small Tree Stumps

Stump Removal

Some homeowners will try to embark upon the task of stump removal on their own. While we don’t advise this, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about it. Here at CC Tree Service, we know how to remove small tree stumps quickly and effectively. 

At CC Trees, we have all of the right equipment needed to take on such a task. We make sure to take all safety precautions while working on stump removal projects. This includes always wearing proper safety gear on the job site.

One of the first things that CC Trees Staff does when starting on a stump removal project is to cut the tree down. Then, we get the stump as low to the ground as possible. Doing this will give us several benefits and make the job far easier from there on out.

The next step is to soften up the stump before we begin to remove it. Most stump removers will soften the trunk of the tree with chemicals, including potassium nitrate. When using these chemicals, the wood will become softer and make it easier to begin drilling.

We then use a drill and a bit that’s usually nearly a foot long, drilling towards the top of the stump that is still sticking out of the ground. We drill several holes towards the top that are all spaced several inches away from each other.

When then use the aforementioned chemicals to fill the holes that we just drilled. this will allow the entire stump to begin the softening process, which will aid in the stump removal significantly.

We won’t go into the rest with you here, but there are two ways to complete the process.

You can either wait several weeks and burn the remaining stump. Or, you can use tools like we do at CC Trees to uproot the remaining stump.

If you’re unsure about how to remove small tree stumps on your own, use the button below to get a free estimate from the professionals at CC Tree Service.

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