Tree Care – Using Mulch

Why Mulch?


Most homeowners underestimate the importance of mulch and what it can do for not only their landscape but their trees as well. The way you use it in your landscaping can either be helpful or harmful to your plants. It’s important to know the right and wrong ways to go about it!

Below, we’re detailing why it’s important to mulch and what benefits mulch will provide you and your landscape. 

Maintain Root Temperature

Mulch is extremely helpful for places with varying climates. If you live in Corpus Christi, you know we experience some extreme temperatures throughout the year. Mulch helps to insulate the soil, allowing it to maintain a constant temperature for root growth. In the summer, the mulch helps shield soil from our scorching temps. And in the winter, mulch helps soil to retain its heat on cold days.

Retain Water

Mulch also helps soil to retain water. Especially during the heat in South Texas, water can be a scarce commodity. By mulching around your shrubs, trees, and garden beds, you can be sure that your plants are getting the most out of every drop of water. A good layer of mulch will help retain water and keep soil moisture levels constant for your plants’ growing root systems. 

A Good Defense

Mulch provides a great defense system for your trees and plants. There are actually many things that can attack and harm trees. This includes insects, sun exposure, weather elements, natural disasters, man-made dangers, and weeds.

Mulching around an area creates a great defense against pesky weeds. Not only are weeds an eye sore, but they compete for valuable sunlight, nutrients, and water. A good layer of mulch will keep germinating weeds at bay. And, in turn, provide your plants with the most optimal chances at proper growth conditions. 

Mulching also protects your trees and other plants from dangers such as lawnmowers. Trees left without mulch often have roots that grow exposed above ground. These above ground roots can become damaged by lawnmowers and open to the tree up to further risk. This includes risks of pests and disease, conditions like rot, and even the loss of trees. 

A good layer of mulch will protect your trees and other plants from many types of hazards. 

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