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Tree Service Corpus Christi TX

Looking for the best tree service Corpus Christi TX has to offer? Finding the right tree service can be difficult. If you find one online, there’s a chance that they may not be legitimate. They could even be unqualified to work on your landscaping and/or tree care projects. However, there are boxes you can check off to ensure that the company you choose is right for the job.

What To Look For in a Tree Service

Whether you’re hiring an arborist or tree and landscaping service professional, they need to be vetted.


If they aren’t insured, that’s a HUGE red flag for any tree care professional or tree removal ‘expert’. Any quality tree care company will have proper liability insurance and all of the required credentials. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance while vetting a potential tree and landscaping service.

Skills & Equipment

In addition, there are many jobs that require a specific set of equipment and skills. For instance, stump grinding can be a huge task to take on, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. CC Tree Service happens to have the largest and most powerful stump grinder in the entire Corpus Christi area.

tree service corpus christi tx

We can reduce even the largest of stumps down to a root 6 inches below ground level, all in under a couple of hours.

If your tree care company doesn’t have these types of tools and skill sets, it may take them days to do the same job. They may then have to charge you WAY more for the same job, because it’s going to take them far more man hours than someone who has the correct equipment.


One of the top questions most customers have is about pricing. One thing we like to ask our clients is “do you want it done cheap, or do you want it done right?”

It’s important to understand that in the tree service industry, you can hardly have have both cheap and quality work. Anyone who charges $150 or so for a complete large tree removal is probably going to either do a bad job, or do it incorrectly. The worst part about doing tree service jobs incorrectly is that it can be very dangerous to anyone who is nearby.

Tree Service Safety

When removing a tree, there are many opportunities for the situation to become dangerous. Any quality tree care company will make the safety of everyone on the jobsite a top priority. Falling branches and debris can cause damage to homes, vehicles, and people. The operation of the equipment itself can cause injury if not handled properly. Further, if wind is a factor, as it so often is in the Corpus area, danger increases immensely. Securing a tree care company that takes safety seriously is an absolute must.

Finding a Tree Service — A Final Word

Finding the best tree service Corpus Christi TX has to offer that can get the job done correctly, stick to the quoted price, and do the job safely is a tall order. Luckily, CC Trees has the know-how and the man-power to tackle the toughest of jobs. And our top-priority is always you — from keeping our word on price to keeping you and yours safe, we’re not happy until you’re satisfied. 

Be sure to hire someone for your tree removal or stump grinding services who you can rely on! Use the button below to get a free estimate on your tree and landscaping services. We’re excited to work with you!