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Tree Service companies in Corpus Christi can be hard to come across. If you find one online, there’s a chance that they may not be legitimate, or could even be unqualified to work on your landscaping and/or tree care projects.

Whether you’re hiring an arborist or tree service professional, they need to be vetted.

If they aren’t insured, that’s a HUGE red flag for any tree care professional or tree removal ‘expert’. If they say that they are a quality tree service company, than they need to have the proper liability insurance, and all of the required credentials.

In addition, there are many jobs that require a specific set of equipment and skills. For instance, stump grinding can be a huge task to take on, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. CC Tree Service happens to have the largest, and most powerful stump grinder in the entire Corpus Christi area.

We can reduce even the largest of stumps down to a root 6 inches down below ground level, all in under a couple hours.

If your tree service company doesn’t have these types of tools and skill sets, it may take them days to do the same job. Also, they may have to charge you WAY more for the same job, because it’s going to take them far more man hours than someone who has the correct equipment.

Most people ask about pricing whenever they are looking for someone to take care of their tree service or stump grinding. We actually get most of our quote form people who are needing tree removal service in corpus christi.

One thing we like to ask our clients is “do you want it done cheap, or do you want it done right?”

It’s important to understand that in the tree service industry, you can hardly have have both cheap and quality. Anyone who charges $150 or so for a complete large tree removal is probably going to either do a bad job, or do it incorrectly. The worst part about doing tree service jobs incorrectly is that it can be very dangerous to anyone who is nearby.

Whenever you are removing a tree completely, there are several instances where anyone in the surrounding area could be in danger if the tree decides to lean a certain way unexpectedly. Or if wind is a factor, this can increase the “danger factor” a lot, and you don’t want to be in the way whenever a gust of wind pushes a tree over.

Be sure to hire someone for your tree removal or stump grinding services who you can rely on!