Tree Service Safety

 Tree Removal Safety, while not the most exciting topic, should be a priority for everyone. Most residents in Corpus Christi have properties lush with trees. For example. we have mesquite trees, oak trees, palm trees, and many, many more species in the local area. In fact, there are over 120 species of trees in our county.

One of the most important things you can do for your property or any land that you own is to make sure your landscape is well taken care of.

This means several things. First, making sure your trees have a proper trimming schedule. Second, that your shrubs are pruned. Finally, that all of your foliage is properly treated and protected from the elements, including insects and seasonal birds.

When the fall and winter seasons come, especially in South Texas, you need to make sure to prepare your trees. If you haven’t taken the proper cautionary measurements, your trees may be at risk for dying in the dry and/or cold seasons.

Tree Removal Safety Is Our Priority

Tree removal safety can also become complicated if you haven’t been taking care of your trees. If you are going the traditional route and using a chainsaw to take down a tree, this can become dangerous if the tree is weak internally.

If the tree is weak and porous on the inside, cutting it down could result in the tree falling in an unexpected direction. This could mean a large tree falling on your house, car, or even yourself if you’re not too careful.

One of the most important aspects of tree care and tree service Corpus Christi is definitely safety.

We have heard horror stories of tree care crews at other job sites. Stories are everywhere of  tree removals and trimmings on weak and malnourished trees gone wrong to have the foliage fall on nearby cars and/or residents.

This can truly be a life-altering situation if the resident is nearby and a tree falls in their direction.

Rumor has it, over 100 people die every single year in the United State to falling trees. If an object with that amount of mass and weight is falling near you, you need to clear out immediately!

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