Affordable Tree Service in Corpus Christi

Tree Services in Corpus Christi

tree service corpus christi and stump grindingCC Tree Service offers a variety of services to suit your landscaping needs.

We have the desire and strong work ethic to get the job done right the first time. We can raise a tree canopy, thin out heavy brush, and/or remove the trees on your property with ease, regardless of the size or type of tree(s) you have. At CC Tree Service, we can handle it all.

Don’t see your project listed here? Give us a call. We help with many other services not listed here and can make a recommendation if it’s something we don’t handle.

Tree & Landscaping Services

General Tree Care

Enjoy your trees for years to come with regular care & maintenance. Maintain trees' health with regular trimming, control pests, and keep your trees looking lovely.

Landscaping Services

Fulfill the full potential of beauty of your outdoor spaces with our landscaping services! Let us help turn your landscape into a place you enjoy. We're knowledgeable about native species and our local climate to create beautiful, easy-to-maintain spaces.

Stump Grinding

Commercial grade stump grinding! Don't wait for the hazard in your yard to cause harm, get rid of your stubborn stumps once and for all. Whether it's tripping on one, or harboring creepy crawlies that could find their way into your home, stumps gotta go!

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal can be paramount after big storms. Don't attempt a dangerous removal at the expense of you or your property. CC Tree Service get the job done quickly and safely.


Help your yard get the nourishment it needs while protecting your trees & landscape. Often overlooked as a cosmetic treatment, mulching is crucial in our climate. Mulch offers protection from the extreme heat in our area and helps plants keep moisture.

Palm Tree Removal

We specialize in removing unwanted palm trees quickly & safely. Whether it's a poisonous Sago Palm threatening Fido, or an unruly eyesore, we'll handle it all.