Tree Stump Grinding in Corpus Christi

In need of tree stump grinding on your property? You’ve come to the right place! CC Tree Service has been servicing, trimming, and removing Corpus Christi’s trees for over 15 years. We have the largest commercial stump grinder available to get the job done right, and on time. And, most importantly, our professional arborists are highly trained in safety procedures to keep everyone on your property-turned-job-site safe and happy.

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Tree Stump Grinding — Why Do It?

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding is an important part of maintaining your landscape. Whether you’ve only got one pesky stump in the yard, or several, there are many reasons to get that sucker gone.

They’re in the Way

Plain and simple, stumps are in the way! Trying to keep your lawn looking well-maintained can be quite the hassle when you have to maneuver around several stumps. Especially if your stumps have large root systems surrounding them, mowing can be an issue. Removing the stumps from your lawn will relieve the headache of lawn care that just takes too long. Once those stumps are gone, mowing and edging will be a breeze!

They’re a Pest & Disease Paradise

Once a tree is down to only a stump in your yard, it usually begins to rot. This means that instead of just a pesky stump in the way of your lawn care, you’ve got a gaping window into the ground below — which also happens to be rotting. And this is the perfect recipe for inviting pests and diseases onto your property. You see, there are whole hosts of creepy, crawlies who love nothing more than to be housed in the cool, damp, rotting wood of the stumps in your yard. Further, many diseases favor these same conditions.

Unfortunately, once a pest or disease has taken hold in one of your stumps, it doesn’t always stay there. Often, the pests or diseases can spread to your surrounding lawn, other stumps, live trees and plants, and even surrounding buildings such as your garage, shed, or your house.

They’re a Yard Hazard

We know stumps make it hard to mow the lawn. So when you neglect it for a little while out of frustration, and the lawn grows up around the stumps a bit, you’ve created quite the yard hazard! Stumps create large obstacles, and if obstructed from view by towering grass, can create a dangerous situation for friends, family, or neighbors visiting your landscape.

They Just Look Bad

Plain and simple, stumps just look bad! You can spend all the time on your flower beds and green grass you want, but if pesky stumps dot your landscape, it’ll look less than perfect. Don’t let your hard work go to waste while still being unhappy with the way your lawn looks. Get those stumps gone!

Call a Professional for Tree Stump Grinding

When you want the pesky stumps in your yard gone for good, it’s time to call the professionals! DIY stum-removal efforts take months, require chemicals and fire, and still may not yield the results you’re after. With CC Tree Service, we’ll use our commercial-grade stump grinder to remove the stump down to below the root line — so it’s gone for good.

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