Tree Trimming On Property Lines

If you haven’t been keeping up with your tree trimming, you could have some headaches ahead of you. Trees creeping over your property and into the neighbor’s yard can cause more problems than one. Not only can this be an eye sore, but it can actually become a legal issue.

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Neighboring Problems

There are many instances where neighbors go to court over a simple dispute regarding trees that hang over the lot line.

The tree could be hanging over into the neighbors yard and causing their landscaping to look unsightly. Or, the tree could actually be getting too close to the roof of the neighbor’s home.

If your trees are scraping your neighbor’s roof, this could cause damage that you would then be responsible. Sometimes these damages can cost you thousands of dollars. If you’re not insured, this could be a major issue for you and your credit.

Know Your Property Lines

If you are unsure about where your property lines are, call your city to request exact property lines based on the square footage of your property. They should give you the exact dimensions of your property lot.

When tree trimming, it’s a good idea to ask your neighbor or landlord what their preference is for shared trees. Some trees can fall right on the lot line, being planted and rooted on both properties. We’ve even seen curved fences specifically to avoid a tree that is on the lot line.

As always, be courteous of your neighbors, and go about your tree trimming in a way that helps everyone keep their landscaping neat and professional.

Unsure and need some guidance on tree trimming on property lines?