How Some Trees Can Damage Your Property And What To Do About It

Tree Services in Corpus Christi

Trees are gorgeous.

They provide us with oxygen, shade, and can add property value to your home.

But they can also cause expensive damage, too.

And that can mean tree removal.

But that doesn’t mean removing a tree is always a bad or costly matter.

Find out how tree removal is sometimes necessary and what to do about it.

Tree Services in Corpus Christi

Tree Removal Can Enhance Your Property

While most people fear that a tree removal will damage your property and your bank account, think again.

Here’s what you need to know about tree removal:

  • Can Help Keep You Safe: A dead tree could fall on you, your house or other important items.
  • Will Protect Your Property: The roots can cause major structural damage so it’s important to take action quickly rather than waiting.
  • Keeps Yard Beautiful: Too much clutter, even when the clutter is trees, takes away from the aesthetic beauty of your yard. Plus it means more work for you.

The Damage Tree Roots Can Cause

While you might look at the leaves of a tree and see only beauty, that beautiful tree could be causing a lot of damage.

Like structural damage, which can become extremely expensive if ignored for too long.

Here’s what kind of structural damage tree roots can cause:

  • Buildings & Foundations: A tree can’t invade your home until cracks have started to show. What the roots will do before the cracks start is to move the soil around underneath your buildings and foundations. The soil being moved makes anything standing above it, much less stable.
  • Plumbing: Any building with plumbing may be at risk. Trees are attracted to water. So their roots travel to seek out where water is found, like your plumbing. Most piping is perforated which leads the roots of the trees to move in and clog up your plumbing. Maples, aspens, and willows are the biggest offenders.
  • Landscape: Too many trees and one species may kill off another. Plan them too close together and they fight for resources. If they’re old, their roots may come out of the ground.

How to Know When You Need to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

While many people like to choose to wait until they can’t ignore the issue any longer, that can get expensive really quickly.

So to avoid further frustration, extra work, and having your bank account hit harder than it needs to, here’s what you need to know.

  • Pests are Coming and Staying: Dead trees attract nasty pests like insects who eat wood. Or rats and mice.
  • It’s Diseased: The tree is dying and falling apart. Leave it for too long and a good storm may turn that dying tree into a weapon. It can also spread its disease to other trees.
  • Overhanging Branches: Any branches hanging onto property should be removed immediately. They can cause a lot of structural damage.
  • You Have Too Many Trees: Too many trees in one space and they’re fighting for natural resources. Which means none of them will be as healthy as they should be.
  • The Tree May Fall: If you wait until a tree falls, you put your life and your hard earned money at risk.

Taking care of tree removal at the first sign of a problem will greatly limit your liabilities.

Ready to tackle your tree removal project?